Preparing Uno’s First Birthday Party

Just few more days and we say hello to March and a month and few days away from Uno’s first birthday celebration. Initially, I didn’t want to plan a party because first, I never like planning parties, second, I don’t like parties but as we got closer to the date, I began to feel more celebratory. I wanted it to be simple, fun and just right but my husband and mother-in-law want it to be a bit extra special, that it had to be celebrated “BIG” because Uno is turning 1 just once so might as well make it memorable even though Uno is not even going to remember it. Well, they have a point naman 😁 I can feel the excitement around this house, ideas, planning, lists and of course a little stress in my part because I got zero experience in party planning.

The venue and theme for the party is all set but I’m still looking for affordable suppliers of cakes/pastries, premium host and magician and yes, boy that was hard! For souvenirs and giveaways, I want it to be personalized.  My son’s birthday is going to fall on a Wednesday, so we decided to celebrate it on a weekend para naman mas madaming guest ang makapunta. I’m very happy preparing for this party, when Uno was only 6 months old, I started planning. Thanks to Pinterest I got some great ideas. Hopefully everything will come together, I want everything to be organized.

Just jotting the list of stuff I need to prepare or accomplish: (for my future reference)

  1. Venue – ☑
  2. Theme – ☑
  3. Catering
  4. Souvenirs / Giveaways
  5. Cake & Pastries
  6. Photo & Video – ☑
  7. Host /  Magician
  8. Food Carts – ☑
  9. Invitation – ☑

I’ll update this once I’ve accomplished everything on the list. And of course, I’ll make sure to share a recap of the big day here after the party and list of our suppliers.





Happy 10th Month Uno

It blows my mind that we finally entered the two digits. You’ll never go back to being single digits again. It has been incredibly hard to photograph Uno this month. Most of the time he will crawl to me as soon as he see the camera. Sa susunod kailangan ko na ng kasama mag picture kasi pahirapan talaga. Ito lang ang matinong picture, yung iba blurred na. On the milestone front, he is officially walking. He is lively and very ticklish (which we all love) and has a little stranger anxiety and prefers to be close to either me or his daddy which is very normal. About teething, it hasn’t been as dramatic as I imagined it to be. In two months, he will be a year old. I’m planning Uno’s birthday since last year and excited na ako, onting meeting nalang and matatapos na kami sa pag plano. I know I say it every time, but the time is just flying by. I love you anak!