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My Baby’s 3D Ultrasound

Over a week ago, I went to In My Womb in Megamall for my 3D4D ultrasound (my 5th ultrasound for this pregnancy). I called In My Womb for an appointment prior to my visit. I availed the Basic 3D4D Pax with Fetal Biometry worth 3,700. The fee comes with a CD of pictures and videos of your baby. They will also give you five black and white photos. I returned after 4 days because my OB Sonologist couldn't get a full profile of my…read more
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How To Renew Your PRC License

//Edit GOOD NEWS, NURSES! You can now renew your PRC license online. For more information and step-by-step process, please visit this link: How to Renew PRC License Online. Thank you! And it's that time of the year again, whether we are actively practicing or not, it is our obligation and part of our duty as a Registered Nurse to renew our PRC license every 3 years. Our license is the only proof that we are capable and competent to practice…read more