My Cebu Experience

Last December my sister, her children and I made a short trip to Cebu. We arrived in Cebu a little past 10 in the morning and we stayed at Crimson Hotel in Mactan. Good thing we are being picked up by the hotel transfer service, it would not be very expensive to hop on a cab to get to the hotel because it is only about a 30 minute ride from the airport and the location is isolated from anything else. I was a little surprised that the overwhelming majority of the guests in Crimson Hotel are Korean, even buffet breakfast at Saffron Cafe appears to be catered more for Koreans and there was less of the traditional Filipino breakfast.

Please excuse my crappy skills for I am not a photographer. lol

Staff is courteous and professional. The entire staff is always greeting the guests and making everyone feel welcome and special. They are very caring and always kin to help. Good entertainment activities for all ages. My 2 year old niece had a wonderful time at the indoor playground. Very clean rooms and surroundings. Nothing was too much. I just had to leave the beach every 7 in the morning and stayed indoors because of my allergies. Yes, who has allergies even at the beach? ME! My allergies always mess up outdoors that’s why I need to stay indoors as much as possible. Overall, good place and service but disappointing food options.

We did a semi (haha) city tour with my sister and her family on our second day.

A first time visitor must do what a first time visitor should do, and so we visit probably Cebu’s second most visited tourist site, the Mactan Shrine.

Just a few meters away from the Mactan Shrine is the Lapu Lapu Shrine.

Our tour guide bring us to Zubuchon to have our lunch. It was my first time to try it, and I loved it! Its very, very flavorful, you won’t even need sarsa for it. The meat was tender and juicy, the skin is crispy. It was indeed a great meal! Yum yum yum!

A city tour will never be complete without a short drop in the Guitar Factories in Lapu-Lapu City.

Cebu is known as home of the best guitar craftsmen in the Philippines and one of the remarkable guitar-makers in Cebu is the Alegre Guitar Factory.

Alegre Guitar Factory doesn’t just sell guitars, the shop sells Ukulele and Cocolele (made from coconuts)

A visit to the factory would not be complete without purchasing a few souvenir items.

Next stop.. Temple of Lea.

The Temple of Leah is considered one of Cebu City’s newest tourist attractions. It was built in 2012 and is currently being completed but most of the major parts are done. It is located right next to the Lantaw Restaurant in Sitio Garaje, Barangay Busay.

A nine foot bronze statue welcomes guests as they enter the temple building.

I think the best time to visit the temple is at 4-5 in the afternoon where the heat is already bearable and the sun is about to go down.

We went to Magellan Cross Monument but unfortunately, it was closed for construction.

I was not able to roam that much but I noticed how their streets could get so tight with cars and public transportation. Should I go back? I think I would and stay for at least 2 days to enjoy what Cebu is all about. Maybe next time I can also visit other tourist attractions Cebu has to offer. I am glad my 2015 ended out with a relaxing and memorable adventure with my sister and her family.

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