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Losing A Parent While Pregnant

Another year has come to an end. My 2016 had its ups and downs, but it was also filled with a ton of amazing memories. It wasn't a bad year for me, it was a year of change, hard truth and most of all, growth. "When one life ends, another one begins." I lost someone important last year. August, the same month my dad passed away, I found out I'm 6 weeks pregnant. At times, it's almost unbearable that I can't…read more
Life in General

Pregnancy Update: 22 weeks

I seriously can't believe that this whole pregnancy thing is half way over. How far along: 22 weeks and 1 day – halfway point of this journey. While the first trimester seemed to drag on and on, the second trimester has sped by so far. Days until due date: 126 days until my due date. The bump: Definitely out and I'm loving my cute baby bump. According to my baby is about the size of a banana. Ang cute!…read more
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I’m Having a Baby

If we're friends in Facebook, you already know this! I'm expecting someone wonderful. I'm 12 weeks pregnant. The time I find out I'm expecting, a lot of things run through my mind. "I'm going to be a mom" "I'm going to get so huge" "Oh my gosh, kaya ko ba ito?" "It's going to cost so much money." "Hindi ko ata kaya?" "Ano na ang gagawin ko?" Andddd so much more.. Good thing is, I pretty much read everything I…read more