Hello my name is Grace and I work in a busy Emergency Room.

I’m a lover of rain, mountains, and moody oceans. Nothing terrifies me as much as public speaking. I’m a sucker for romantic movies and I enjoy horror films every now and then. I’m quite moody. I listen to some alternative rock, Pop, RnB, and OPM except classic stuff and jazz. Music is my best friend. I love cute stuffs, and I’m fascinated with beautiful things. I’m extremely friendly so if you see me, feel free to say hi.

I’ve been around on the internet since 2001 mostly on forums and communities but I started blogging in 2002 (write blog entries on NotePad and upload them via FTP) I have changed domain names many times and took a long hiatus during my college years. I am horrible at blogging so hopefully I can keep this up longer than I did last time. I deleted all old posts and moved them over to a WordPress.com blog to archive them and start fresh 🙂

This blog is mainly my writing journal. I blog to document my life as a new mother and to remember the little details of my baby. I hope you enjoy it!

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