Uno has a Chest Infection

I feel bad after receiving a message from Uno’s primary carer that he was not eating and sleeping all day yesterday. Uno is a very active boy and seeing him just lying in the bed is alarming. MK rushed him to the nearest hospital. I couldn't sleep at all because I was waiting for their update. He is on nebulization and oral antibiotics, mabuti nalang, he is a good boy, and walang problema giving him medications, he will take it.

I feel terrible right now, especially in times like this when he gets sick. Watching him fight any illness, whether serious or a simple cold, is hard. My heart breaks because I know how uncomfortable he can be.

Sana katabi kita, Uno! I hope na gumaling ka na agad. Miss ka na ng mommy.

Anyway, I'm on the last day of my week off. I'm getting much better day by day. Hopefully, on Friday, I'll be completely okay without breathing difficulties.

Life Lately

Hooray! Someone is in the mood today to update.

How’s me? Your girl right here is sick. I always get sick after working four nights. And today is my 3rd day off. I have a Careful Nursing course tomorrow, so I’ve got to be fine tomorrow. I want to take advantage of the course as it is free and essential. I’m thinking of getting a hot chocolate or coffee in our cafe before going to class 🥰

So after this, I’ll lie in bed, rest, and continue to watch Nowhere on Netflix, which has been on pause for three days now, and I might watch Can’t Buy Me Love on iWantTFC later.


I couldn't make it to the class today. I was looking forward to it, but the colds are bothering me. I took an antigen test for my peace of mind, thank God, it was negative 😇 I slept for about 2 hours today—very bad timing. I informed our ward manager, and I always feel bad as usual. I wouldn't say I like it when I ring in sick.

So, starting today and the rest of my days off will only be spent in bed—Netflix & chill.


I survived the first month at work

Guess who survived the first month back at work? I did it ya’ll! 🙋‍♀️ Everything and everyone is positive, my patients love me lol. But sadly, in my first week, I got sick. I thought I had Covid, but thank God, It’s just a regular flu.

I still feel intimidated sometimes, but all of my co-workers are very helpful and kind. Everyday, I wonder if I’m making a good impression, if I’m doing the right things and if my co-workers like me. Every shift is very exhausting, and I feel like I don’t produce much. I feel useless. I’m still feeling nervous about going to work until now—new environment, new customs, abbreviations that I don’t know. There is so much to take in, and I know it will take a while for me to fully grasp everything. Now, I’m giving my brain a chance to get to grips with everything. It will take longer than a week. It’ll probably take longer than a month or maybe three months. It might even take six.

I know, I’ll get there.

First day of work

Yesterday was my first day of work after two weeks of vacation, and I'm proud of myself; I survived! My feet are so damn tired, and I feel like they are broken. I am utterly exhausted. It will be a slow recovery from being out of the hospital for five years 🫢 Thank God I had another Filipino nurse working with me yesterday, and we both had the same break. I feel great, though, exhausted, but great.

I will return to work slightly tired (for sure!) but very happy tomorrow 😊

I'm still alive

Whoa, I found my old blog! I read through my posts from 2014 until 2018, which made me so emotional, especially while reading my pregnancy posts. I quit blogging after giving birth as I was extremely busy with Uno. I was a sleep-deprived mama back then; clearly, motherhood has also taken its toll on me. Also, I’m not going to deny that I just lost interest in blogging. 

Here I am after four years; I’m blogging again, lol. IDK, maybe this is just for a while. For sure, I will lose this interest similarly. Maybe I fancy writing a post right now, and I want to vent out. I don’t know. 

Anyway, I got a new job! Yes, I have a new job; this time, I’m working in an acute HSE hospital here in Kilkenny. My mom would be delighted that I’m finally working in a hospital again. I’m anxious because it’s been a long time since I worked in a hospital setting, five years ago, to be exact. It's my first day of work and in a completely new environment; wish me luck! My sister-in-law works in the same department but on a different wing and building, lol. But still, it is good because I have someone very close to me at work. I will stay with my brother until I find a new apartment. Good luck to myself; I hope my seniors will be more patient and understanding. I can’t wait to start tomorrow; God, love me! ♥️