Hooray! Someone is in the mood today to update.

How’s me? Your girl right here is sick. I always get sick after working four nights. And today is my 3rd day off. I have a Careful Nursing course tomorrow, so I’ve got to be fine tomorrow. I want to take advantage of the course as it is free and essential. I’m thinking of getting a hot chocolate or coffee in our cafe before going to class 🥰

So after this, I’ll lie in bed, rest, and continue to watch Nowhere on Netflix, which has been on pause for three days now, and I might watch Can’t Buy Me Love on iWantTFC later.


I couldn't make it to the class today. I was looking forward to it, but the colds are bothering me. I took an antigen test for my peace of mind, thank God, it was negative 😇 I slept for about 2 hours today—very bad timing. I informed our ward manager, and I always feel bad as usual. I wouldn't say I like it when I ring in sick.

So, starting today and the rest of my days off will only be spent in bed—Netflix & chill.


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