I feel bad after receiving a message from Uno’s primary carer that he was not eating and sleeping all day yesterday. Uno is a very active boy and seeing him just lying in the bed is alarming. MK rushed him to the nearest hospital. I couldn't sleep at all because I was waiting for their update. He is on nebulization and oral antibiotics, mabuti nalang, he is a good boy, and walang problema giving him medications, he will take it.

I feel terrible right now, especially in times like this when he gets sick. Watching him fight any illness, whether serious or a simple cold, is hard. My heart breaks because I know how uncomfortable he can be.

Sana katabi kita, Uno! I hope na gumaling ka na agad. Miss ka na ng mommy.

Anyway, I'm on the last day of my week off. I'm getting much better day by day. Hopefully, on Friday, I'll be completely okay without breathing difficulties.

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