Friday’s 10 Happy Things

Welcome to Friday’s 10 Happy Things where I/we list ten things that made us smile this week so that we can start the weekend on an even more positive note!

Here’s the latest installment of my Happy List;

1. I just accepted a position in NICU last week. The first couple of days are terrifying and confusing but I’m happy how quickly I were able to settle in there.

2. My fiance just bought a PS4 and 4 new games. Ken and I are having extreme bonding sessions.

3. Going to Greenhills wouldn’t be complete without getting this:

4. Aldub’s prenup photos. I’m not being biased because I’m an AlDub fan but guys, sobrang cute and adorable ng prenup photos nila. I love it!

5. My recent liquid lipstick haul. I bought Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Mocha and Jazzy Lustrous Lip Gloss in Ice Princess and Perfect. Jazzy is made in France, but it is a Proudly Filipino brand. The formula is amazing because it’s not tacky and sticky at all. I super love it! I love how makeup local brands are stepping up the game.

6. Saporito Salted Egg Potato Crisps. Sobrang sarap nito guys.

7. I finally got my 2 new Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs by Barco Uniforms. They move with you and feel like pajamas. They’re super soft and stylish and come out of the dryer wrinkle-free. Perfect for busy nurses.

8. My baby bump. I was so happy and absolutely loved my big round belly. I didn’t even mind the new stretch marks that came with its arrival.

9. The most difficult thing about being pregnant is only being able to have 1 cup of coffee. Just… one… cup. Haven’t had coffee since I got pregnant so I think I deserve one. Hahaha!

10. My friends wanna meet up at The Cook, BGC and I’ve never been so excited because I’ve been craving it for the past month.

Enjoy your weekend guys and take your happy wherever you find it.

Author: Gracey

I'm a Registered nurse and working in Emergency Room department. I'm a lover of rain, mountains, and moody oceans. This blog is about my lifestyle and personal thoughts.

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