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Hello, word! How long has it been? I’m really trying to blog but the chores of motherhood has taken its toll on me. I haven’t even done a random catch up. So, let’s begin with a little update…

1. Uno just turned 8 months. He is doing very well. I’m sure I say that every month, lol. But really, it just keeps getting better and better! He consumes 8oz of formula milk (I stopped breastfeeding) and on his last checkup, he weighs 8kg. He loves squash, sweet potato and banana. He is beginning to look like a little boy instead of a baby!

2. I got an extra time to update my website, finally. Upgraded my WordPress, it’s plugins, managed to change and tweaked the theme, wohooo. Oh how I miss doing this! The reason why I haven’t posted anything because my laptop got broken, so I lost all my files and I’m too lazy to download Adobe hahaha. Now, I’m borrowing my husband’s very old laptop. Wala pang budget for a new laptop kaya tiis-tiis muna.

3. 4 months until Uno’s first birthday. I started planning his birthday 2 months ago. My goal is to booked everything (suppliers, venue, etc) before February, para pag dating ng March, konti nalang ang iisipin ko. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been hard. I spent a lot of time sourcing the best party decorations and I couldn’t find what I like. And let’s be honest, 1st birthdays are more of a celebration for the parents than the little babies themselves.

4. 8 months unemployed but PRIORITIES. There are more important things in life than paychecks and fancy job titles. But honestly, miss ko na mag trabaho.

That’s it for this little update – it’s tiny but I thought it would be nice to have a little catch up.

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I'm a Registered nurse and working in Emergency Room department. I'm a lover of rain, mountains, and moody oceans. This blog is about my lifestyle and personal thoughts.

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