Pregnancy Update: 38 weeks

How far along: 38 weeks! I’m nearing the finish line. I seriously can’t wait. I’m feeling more ready than ever but also feeling the need to have some time to mentally prepare and relax before this baby arrives.

Baby is now the size of: About the length of a leek. Wait. What?Y

Total weight gain: +8-9 kgs (15-16 lbs) since I discovered I was pregnant in July, 2016!

Stretch marks? Yep

Cravings: I tweeted this last March 23…

and March 24…

and also I tweeted yesterday..

I don’t get where all these cravings come from in all of a sudden. I’m currently 8 months pregnant and I’m just going with my cravings at this stage, lol!

Sleep: Same as before, a constant need to pee is keeping me up but every night. I am really uncomfortable every time I get into bed at night and every time I go to the bathroom its difficult to fall back asleep again.

Symptoms: I have been getting quite a lot of aches this week. I get a lot of period like pains throughout the day and lots and lots of back pain. By the end of the day, I want nothing more than to sit on the couch. Baby is definitely feeling a lot lower now because I get a lot of pressure in my pelvis area and that’s why I’m constantly getting up to go to the bathroom. Also, getting up and out of the bed is the toughest. The bump is heavy, everywhere is swollen.

Best moment this week: I pre-ordered rompers, onesies, socks and bibs from and I’m excited it will arrive mid of April.

Also pre-ordered this cute A4 lighbox from A Little Lovely Company, it will arrive first week of April. I can’t wait to use this as milestone prop.

Movement: I thought the baby was supposed to slow down but he has only sped up. A few of his kicks and punches are pretty painful and I’m getting these ovary zaps that are cray. Even when he is hurting me, I still love feeling his move.

Belly button in/out: Still in. No change.

Wedding Rings On/Off: On, kahit parang sausage na mga daliri ko. Hahaha

Mood: Tired. Exhausted. Bizarre. I don’t know. But don’t get me wrong, I understand what I’m dealing with 🙂

Looking forward to: Meeting this little nugget already! I started getting impatient. He can come any day now, its so surreal!

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