Preparing Uno’s First Birthday Party

Just few more days and we say hello to March and a month and few days away from Uno’s first birthday celebration. Initially, I didn’t want to plan a party because first, I never like planning parties, second, I don’t like parties but as we got closer to the date, I began to feel more celebratory. I wanted it to be simple, fun and just right but my husband and mother-in-law want it to be a bit extra special, that it had to be celebrated “BIG” because Uno is turning 1 just once so might as well make it memorable even though Uno is not even going to remember it. Well, they have a point naman 😁 I can feel the excitement around this house, ideas, planning, lists and of course a little stress in my part because I got zero experience in party planning.

The venue and theme for the party is all set but I’m still looking for affordable suppliers of cakes/pastries, premium host and magician and yes, boy that was hard! For souvenirs and giveaways, I want it to be personalized.  My son’s birthday is going to fall on a Wednesday, so we decided to celebrate it on a weekend para naman mas madaming guest ang makapunta. I’m very happy preparing for this party, when Uno was only 6 months old, I started planning. Thanks to Pinterest I got some great ideas. Hopefully everything will come together, I want everything to be organized.

Just jotting the list of stuff I need to prepare or accomplish: (for my future reference)

  1. Venue – ☑
  2. Theme – ☑
  3. Catering
  4. Souvenirs / Giveaways
  5. Cake & Pastries
  6. Photo & Video – ☑
  7. Host /  Magician
  8. Food Carts – ☑
  9. Invitation – ☑

I’ll update this once I’ve accomplished everything on the list. And of course, I’ll make sure to share a recap of the big day here after the party and list of our suppliers.





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